30 years of Windows: see the visual evolution of the operating system

windows-pc-iconOn 20 November 1985, the tiny Microsoft still showed the world Windows 1.0 operating system was MS-DOS. Even the most ambitious employees should imagine the proportion that the product has taken since he became one of the most used services in the world in the area of computing.

To celebrate the 30 years of the platform, The Verge made a visual gallery with the graphical evolution of Windows, showing what are the concerns and main innovations of each version. The illustrations, we follow not only Microsoft’s changes, but also in the entire industry.

It is curious to note that, before the “Jurassic” Windows 1.0, everything was made out of text commands. I wonder if you could live like this today?

Today Windows 10 (2015)

The Start Menu back, combined with tiles from the previous version. Internet Explorer has become the Microsoft Edge, Cortana is bound in the system and there is a lot of integration with the Xbox One. There is also the possibility to use multiple desktops. The experience is well divided between tablets and PCs.

Source: Windowsfy.com